Hanaka Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Pack EX 300ml

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Dryness Out! Three Kinds Of Hyaluronic Acid, Whitening Vitamin C And Many Kinds Of Botanical Extracts; Aloe Vera, Camellia Cactus. Help Skin Drink Deep To Replenish Lost Moisture. It Creates Dewy Glowing Skin By Morning Without Wash.


Name : Hanaka Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Pack EX 300ml 花恋肌 膜法花园植萃玻尿酸超饱水晚安面膜300ml

Capacity : 300ml

Shelf Life : 3 Years

For Skin 护肤功效 : Hydrating 保湿补水

Skin Type 适用肌肤 : All Skin Type, Dry Skin 干性肌肤, 所有肌肤

Directions 使用方式1. Use After Cleansing Skin. Skincare Regimen, Apply To Entire Face With Moderate Amount Of Gel. 
2. Whiten And Plump The Look Of Skin For The Next Day.  夜晚薄敷一层与脸部,不需冲洗隔日即可拥有超幸福的白皙水嫩肌。

Cautions Please keep in a dry and cool place that is out of reach by children. If feeling unwell or sensitive ater use, please stop using immediately. 请勿放置于幼童可取得的地方,高温潮湿或日光直射处。皮肤若有异常现象,请暂停使用并洽询专业医生。

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