Hanaka V-Line Chin Patch Resiliency+ Shaping V-Line

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Strechable Patch, Contain Ingredients Like Collagen And Centella Asiatica, Restore Skin Elasticity And Glossy Appearance, Let Cheek And Chin Tense, Create Prefect V-line Face.


Name : Hanaka V-Line Chin Patch Resiliency+ Shaping V-Line 花恋肌 小心肌弹力紧致下巴膜 #1胶原蛋白+积雪草

Packaging : 1pcs

Capacity : 15ml

Shelf Life : 3 Years

For Skin 护肤功效 : Elastic, Firming 弹力, 紧致

Skin Type 适用肌肤 : All Skin Type 所有肌肤

Directions 使用方式 1. Remove The V-line Chin Patch From The Package. 
2. Place On The Chin And Then Hook The Top Ear Hooks Onto Ears. Relax And Wait For 10-15 Minutes. 
3. Remove The Patch And Press Excess Products Onto The Skin. V4. Use These Twice A Week To Maximize Their Effects. 取出下巴膜后,从下巴中央开始轻贴上,接着将两侧的耳挂向上悬挂于双耳,静待10-15分钟后即可取下,以指腹轻轻按摩帮助肌肤吸收。建议每周使用2-3次。

Cautions 注意事项 Please Keep In A Dry And Cool Place That Is Out Of The Reach By Children. 
If Feeling Unwell Of Sensitive After Use, Please Stop Using Immediately. 本商品仅供外用。 

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